Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hye Seung - The Hunger Magazine

Pen, Pencil, Copic marker, and Ink drawing of stunning model, Hye Seung. She is photographed wearing jeans by Jeans J, a collar by Patrick Ian Hartley and gloves by Corlette London. Black and white photographs are what I love to draw from as they're  easy for me to see the negative and positive spaces on the human figure. Hye Seung is a striking model to draw - I hope I've done her justice. ENJOY!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Men in Armour - Overlay

This is a quick life drawing sketch of life model dressed in armour overlayed in different angles, opposing colours used to signify this.

Draped Fabric

Being a fashion design student I always feel I need to practice sketching drapes and folds of fabric on the body. Here I have pinned fabric to a mannequin in all different directions so I can really analyse the negative and positive areas within garments and with draped fabric.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Alice Dellal

Knowing that I love nothing more than analyzing beautiful people and sketching them, my brother bought me the latest addition of 'HUNGER' magazine for Christmas. I love this magazine because it interviews the most beautiful and most beautifully creative people in the arts. It's unsurprising that the wonderful Alice Dellal features in this particular edition. She has such a unique style and aura about her which I just had to draw! Enjoy.