Friday, 21 June 2013

Rag & Bone Menswear SS 14 Illustrated report

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, English born creative duo of Rag & Bone created an optical indulgence for the Audience of their latest menswear collection.
Myself, I interpret the collection with an overall feel of practicality and utilitarianism, inspired by Japan and traditional Asian fishing cultures. Ideas like these have stemmed from the use of sturdy, salt soaked cotton which is a common fabric used in their shirts. Cargo, waterproof fabrics employed in their trouser pieces. Delicate knitwear has also been injected into the collection reflecting potential inspiration from Netting. These apparent ideas lead me to an impression in which durability and functionality were key ideas Neville and Wainwright sought to represent throughout this particular collection.
Significant details such as the fisherman style bucket hats, waterproof multifunctional shopper bags, All reflected an every angle via full length rotating mirrors, give to me the illusion that one could be sat beside the shore.
The Minimalism & technicality of each outfit’s design complimented by efficient pocket details, attention to practicality combined with a colour palette of white, charcoal greys, cobalt blue alongside the intricate lilac based Japanese style graphic floral print; all prove a very wearable collection for today’s modern, working man.

Final Outfit Design

Designed, Pattern cut and constructed by myself - see illustration for rest of my collection line up.

Abstention from a Concrete Metropolis

Mixed Media Illustration from my latest collection design project.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Decay VS Growth Illustration

My latest piece, illustrates a garment I designed based on the negative and positive spaces within decay and growth processes. Black card, masking tape, black ball point pen, Tipex, white gel pen, tracing paper, grey markers all combined in a time consuming process to create this illustration. ENJOY!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hye Seung - The Hunger Magazine

Pen, Pencil, Copic marker, and Ink drawing of stunning model, Hye Seung. She is photographed wearing jeans by Jeans J, a collar by Patrick Ian Hartley and gloves by Corlette London. Black and white photographs are what I love to draw from as they're  easy for me to see the negative and positive spaces on the human figure. Hye Seung is a striking model to draw - I hope I've done her justice. ENJOY!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Men in Armour - Overlay

This is a quick life drawing sketch of life model dressed in armour overlayed in different angles, opposing colours used to signify this.

Draped Fabric

Being a fashion design student I always feel I need to practice sketching drapes and folds of fabric on the body. Here I have pinned fabric to a mannequin in all different directions so I can really analyse the negative and positive areas within garments and with draped fabric.